Guided tours and workshops in MAMUZ

For your school excursion, the museum of prehistory Urgeschichtemuseum MAMUZ offers a large selection of programmes at its two locations.

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Cultural education at MAMUZ

For MAMUZ it is important to communicate knowledge of prehistory, ancient history and mediaeval archaeology as vividly as possible. Actively including visitors not only in historical celebrations but also in guided tours and workshops creates an emotional connection to the history and lives of our ancestors. Special cultural education programmes through the museum area are designed for school classes of all age groups, and here teachers can select between guided tours on specific topics and also adventure and activity programmes.

All offers are supervised by expert cultural teachers who complete a series of qualification measures before they work in the museum of prehistory, as well as workshops to learn how to impart knowledge on specific contents (learning documents, guided tours with the curator, trying out interactive workshop contents), the chosen applicants are also offered seminars on the fundamentals of cultural education, constructive conflict management, body language and speaking technique. Guaranteeing that guided tours meet high quality requirements both in terms of content and also form is a key concern of MAMUZ so, in addition to the preparatory training measures, a comprehensive folder is also compiled as an information and organisation manual which summarises everything that needs to be known about running a museum.

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