Workshops in the Castle Schloss Asparn/Zaya

Workshops in the castle Schloss Asparn/Zaya

Baking bread
The grain is ground, kneaded into dough with water and salt and then we bake crispy flat bread in a clay cupola furnace.

Earth colours
With earth pigments (ochre, reddle, etc.) we try to reproduce cave painting. Your own creations are also required, however.

From coloured fleece we form balls, bands and pictures with wet felting.

Copper jewellery
We make rings and pendants based on historical models.

Writing – how everything began
Runes, ogham, cryptographs – we try them out together and create a rune tablet.

The wood is given a round finish on the edges, decorated and for the string a hole is bored with the flint.

Spinning and twining
With a hand spindle we make long threads and then learn to fasten these (depending on time) by twining.

Pocket knife of the Stone Age
The prefabricated piece of wood is worked with the flint, the flint blade is stuck in the notch with birch tar and then we twine a thread for fastening.

We shape containers (using coiling) like in prehistory.

Tablet weaving
Simple patterns are woven with the tablet loom. They are ideal as friendship bracelets.


Duration: approx. 2 hours
Price: € 6 per pupil

For bookings, questions and further information we will be happy to help you at +43 2572/20719-494 or

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