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The new adventure museum of prehistory, ancient history and mediaeval archaeology

Discover, be amazed, try it out! This is the new motto at MAMUZ Schloss Asparn/Zaya and Museum Mistelbach. 40,000 years of human development are now being presented in a more comprehensive and more modern way by merging two top-class museums into a joint museum centre called “MAMUZ”.
MAMUZ is the new name which combines the Lower Austrian museum of prehistory Urgeschichtemuseum Niederösterreich Asparn/Zaya and the museum centre MZM Museumszentrum Mistelbach. The locations themselves are therefore also being given a new name.

MAMUZ Schloss Asparn/Zaya 
MAMUZ Museum Mistelbach

“40,000 years of humankind” is the creed of the museum of prehistory Urgeschichtemuseum MAMUZ, which is given extensive new additions and a new approach to the different themes at regular intervals at both locations. In the castle Schloss Asparn/Zaya the full extent of prehistory and ancient history can be seen with original items and historical residential, farming and trade buildings. In Museum Mistelbach, new exhibitions each year will show highlights from these eras. In 2023, the MAMUZ Museum in Mistelbach dedicates itself to "Celts"
MAMUZ considers itself an adventure museum where many academics provide their know-how to make history really come alive. With a modern and, above all, interactive exhibition design, visitors move through the province of Lower Austria’s prehistory and ancient history collection and also experience impressive finds from mediaeval archaeology.

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