Workshops in Museum Mistelbach

  • Enigmatic symbols  (3-18 YEARS):

    The Mayans developed a hieroglyphic script that look like heads of jaguars, tapirs or faces in profile. They wrote on stone steles or in folding books. The deciphering of the script finally succeeded in the past 10 years! Discover the Mayan script, also known as Mayan glyphs, and create a folder based on the model of the Mayans!

  • Mayan masks, the faces of the gods (3-18 YEARS):

    The gods played an important role in the Mayan life. They were considered as the cause of natural events. In order to live in harmony with them and the nature, the Mayans performed rituals. During these rituals, they wore masks which symbolised the gods. Let yourself be inspired by the masks of the Mayan chocolate or corn god and make your own mask!

  • Changes – Impacts and Opportunities (11 - 99 YEARS): 

    Epidemics, climate change, new power relations, scarcity of resources, but also the desire for further development force societies, such as the Mayans, to change.
    What do these have to do with me? We reflect on our past and future changes in school, at work or during our leisure time as well as their impacts and opportunities for further development.

1 hour | 3,00 Euro per student (excl. Admission)


For reservations, questions and further information please contact us: 02572 / 20719-494 or

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