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Museum Mistelbach

Kingdoms of the iron age

The 8th century was a period of huge change in Central Europe. The advent of iron as a new material marked the end of the Bronze Age and the beginning of the early Iron Age (approximately 750–450 B.C.) saw the emergence of a completely new culture: the Hallstatt culture, named after the significant archaeological site in Upper Austria.

Under the influence of the advanced civilisations of the Mediterranean, religious ideas changed and a new style of art emerged – the many figurative depictions found provide evidence of the belief systems of the time. Leaders who had grown wealthy through trading activities, salt and iron mining, and warfare were buried in splendour under monumental burial mounds. Their tombs still bear witness to their wealth, power and relations with the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean world. New technologies, new art forms, magnificent vessels and the many surviving objects of a religious nature are typical of this period when the first kingdoms of the Iron Age emerged in Central Europe.

  • Admission and guided tour at MAMUZ Museum Mistelbach (60 min.)
  • Admission to MAMUZ Schloss Asparn (without guided tour)

Price per person: € 13

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