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The exhibition presents the great cultural diversity of the Mayans and its unique adaptability to different living environments and conditions. Their achievements in terms of art and science still astonish us until today. How come that the Mayans were able to achieve such a cultural flowering despite the difficult environmental conditions? And what were the causes of the collapse of this high culture? Archaeological excavations and translations of the Mayan script shed new light on the social and cultural life of a high culture whose descendants are still alive today! 

The exhibition comprises more than 200 original objects from Central America of which many exhibits are presented in Europe for the first time. A special highlight is the large number of exhibits made of jade. Latest research results based on archaeological excavations and translation work of the Mayan script also shed new light on the social and cultural life of this advanced civilisation.

  • Admission and guided tour at MAMUZ Museum Mistelbach (60 min.)
  • Admission to MAMUZ Schloss Asparn (without guided tour)
Price per person: € 12


Workshop "Changes – Impacts and Opportunities"

Epidemics, climate change, new power relations, scarcity of resources, but also the desire for further development force societies, such as the Mayans, to change.

What do these have to do with me? We reflect on our past and future changes in school, at work or during our leisure time as well as their impacts and opportunities for further development.

  • Admission to MAMUZ Museum Mistelbach
  • Workshop “Changes – Impacts and Opportunities"
Price per person: € 12

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