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Group offers in Schloss Asparn/Zaya

Group offers are available from a group size of 15 people. Unless otherwise indicated, entry is included in the prices.

Prehistoric adventure

Experience the exhibition Realm of treasures – from prehistory to the Middle Ages – and/or explore the archaeological open-air site – from the Stone Age to the Iron Age

1 hour: € 14 / person
2 hours: € 18 / person

Prehistoric activities

Actively discover the archaeological open-air site! During an adventurous guided tour you can also try out historical techniques such as spear throwing and striking sparks.

2 hours: € 18 / person

Experience workshops

Old hunting and handcraft techniques are an eventful programme for your excursion: spear throwing, archery, baking bread, striking sparks, bull-roarer, walking tour to learn about herbs, copper jewellery, pottery, spinning/twining, tablet weaving, felting and much more.

Price: € 16 / person


For reservations, questions and further information please contact us: +43 2572/20719-490 or

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