Group offers


Group offers in Schloss Asparn/Zaya

Group offers are available from a group size of 15 people. Unless otherwise indicated, entry is included in the prices.

Prehistoric adventure

Experience the exhibition Realm of treasures – from prehistory to the Middle Ages – and/or explore the archaeological open-air site – from the Stone Age to the Iron Age

1 hour: € 13 / person
2 hours: € 16 / person


Prehistoric activities

Actively discover the archaeological open-air site! During an adventurous guided tour you can also try out historical techniques such as spear throwing and striking sparks.

2 hours: € 16 / person

Experience workshops

Old hunting and handcraft techniques are an eventful programme for your excursion: spear throwing, archery, baking bread, striking sparks, bull-roarer, walking tour to learn about herbs, copper jewellery, pottery, spinning/twining, tablet weaving, felting and much more.

Price: € 16 / person

Barbarian banquet

At the barbarian banquet, visitors enjoy fine food in historical style: with suckling pig, flat bread, stew, spare ribs, chicken legs, bread, fruit and vegetables, the barbarian meal is copious and the atmosphere will be unique. Can be booked with or without musical accompaniment. Prices and information available on request:

For reservations, questions and further information please contact us: +43 2572/20719-490 or

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