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The Celts are fascinating! Even today tales about the Celts abound, but which ones are true and which ones can be consigned to the realm of mythology. Greeks and Romans used the terms "Celts" or "Gauls" for groups they considered to be “barbarians”. But were they really barbarians? In 2023 the MAMUZ Museum Mistelbach is shining a light on an extraordinary culture with its CELTS exhibition. Focusing on everyday life, art and rituals, the show gives us an understanding of the world in which the Celts lived, tells individual life stories and refutes common clichés.

How were their settlements organised? What artefacts still bear witness to Celtic metalworking and glass production? How did they worship gods such as Teutates or Cernunnos at their sacred sites? And why did Julius Caesar describe the Celts as brave warriors?

Visitors to the exhibition can look forward to the latest scientific knowledge and unique finds, such as the bird figurines from Haselbach or long dice from Stradonice that researchers have brought to light in the last twenty years.

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