Workshops in Museum Mistelbach

  • KITES, DWARVES AND UNICORNS (6-10 YEARS): Animals that can talk? Horses with a horn on their head? The human imagination knows no bounds! Its creatures act in fables like humans or take on strange forms: duck wings, long rabbit ears and antlers on the head? Let your imagination run free and create your own mythical creature!
  • HEROIC JOURNEY (11-18 YEARS): Immerse yourself in the exciting world of heroes and heroines from fairy tales, myths and legends and associate the stories with your personal mental imagery. This journey will let you find new companions who can help you with your future adventures - be it at school, work or in everyday life.
1 hour | 3,00 Euro per student (excl. Admission)


For reservations, questions and further information please contact us: 02572 / 20719-494 or

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